2 Minutes Short Film

2 Minutes Short Film Award
2 Minutes Short Film Award
Filmwinter-Palais – Saal Valie


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The greek wasp
H Σφήκα

Italy2017, Colour, HD, 1:56 Min.
Regie, Camera, Editing: Mohammadreza Azar

“The roads… they always take me to the world of dreams and I forget the shadow of reality following me to choose or to follow? While there is a tragedy behind each…”


Austria 2016, Colour, HD, 0:57 Min.
Regie, Editing: Vera Sebert
Sound: Elisabeth Pfeiffer

The fragmented replay of a rumour is visually reminiscent of the title cards in silent films. How credible is its content if it has been subjected to numerous transformations? The film broaches the issue of the translation of spoken into written and read language up to the dissolution of characters to the picture.

Portrait Ben Russell

Germany 2017, B/W, HD, 2:13 Min.
Regie: Tobias Sauer
Actors: Ben Russell

If you are as much in demand as filmmaker Ben Russel, you have to be able to master creative time management. If you are supposed to give an interview yet also need to go to the launderette – why not combine both? Why not wash the dirty laundry in public? A Super 8 film developed with coffee, vitamin C and washing soda.

I love my #hairlegs

Germany 2017, Colour, HD, 1:30 Min.
Regie: Charlotte Funke
Script, Editing: Camille Tricaud, Mila Zhluktenko, Charlotte Funke
Camera: Julia Swoboda
Sound: Bettina Sandhäger
Music: Silvius Sonvill

We love the hair on our legs. We don’t want to be smooth anymore. “I love my #hairlegs” is an ode to the beautiful hairy legs of women.

Free Trade
Libre Echange

Belgium 2017, Colour, HD, 1:00 Min.
Regie, Script, Camera, Editing, Sound: Ian Menoyot

Yes the sea is blue, so blue, and everything works amazingly fine. And when it will all come to an end, we will go back to the start!

Elastic Recurrence

Netherlands 2017, Colour, HD, 2:00 Min.
Regie, Camera, Editing, Sound, Musik: Johan Rijpma

From all directions gravity pulls on the shards of a breaking dinner plate. While the pieces of the plate expand into space, elastic strings try to draw them back together. A self-replicating cycle of falling and retracting follows from the dead center position of each piece.

Blue Cigarette
Cigarro Azul

Portugal 2017, colour, HD, 2:15 Min.
Regie, Animation, Editing: Ricardo Vieira Lisboa

“Blue Cigarette” is a direct cinema experience on 16 mm film, it takes the same time of a cigarette burning and is filled with cigarette burns. The strip was tortured, scratched, punctured, erased, colored, and animated: an exploration on the volatility of the film medium, as if it was itself a cigarette and one could smoke it all the way.


Canada 2017, Colour, HD, 2:00 Min.
Regie, Camera, Editing: Dan Browne

Life cycles of a garden visit.

Observation of hawks in the sky

Pakistan 2017, Colour, HD, 1:00 Min.
Regie, Script, Camera, Editing: Daniel Asadi Faezi
Sound: Usa Yawari

Lahore, Pakistan. Gliding over the metropolis. Looking for something to eat. Trying to keep their lines in the sky. A reckless swoop. People looking in the sky. Hawks looking down.

Vanishing Point
Hei Vaan!

Finnland 2017, Colour, HD, 1:01 Min.
Regie, Script, Camera, Editing, Sound: Jukka Silokunnas

When I was a kid we used to travel a lot with my family. I used to Iook at the changing landscape through the caravan window. Only older I realized: I changed, not the landscape.

Three Dots

South Corea 2016, Colour, HD, 1:21 Min.
Regie, Camera, Animation, Editing, Sound: Dasle Seok

All kinds of humming sound make an insomniac crazy. The screen droning changes. A glass of warm milk, annoying mosquitoes, the swing of a hand – that’s what makes up the night. “Three dots” is a stop motion video expressing a memento mori of today. The noise of electronic devices is a prelude to the death of mosquitoes.

Open Window

USA 2017, Colour, HD, 2:00 Min.
Regie, Camera: Karissa Hahn

Digital 8 > mac reverb

No 16

UK 2017, Colour, HD, 2:00 Min.
Regie: Elisabeth Molin

No 16 was shot while temporarily living in a flat in London. In the video I have rearranged the furniture and added objects to the house to create a surreal story about the familiarity and strangeness of home. The video flicks in and out of images and words, fictions and suggestions of what has or might have happened in the home. .


Grmany 2016, Colour, HD, 2:33 Min.
Regie: Lusha Ye

How do I comprehend the horizon? That’s an aim you can never reach, it is so far away that you can never measure it. It is the time you can never count. Based on these thoughts, I made a series of video works. This is one of them.