33. Stuttgarter Filmwinter — Festival for Expanded Media

Jury & Awards

International Short Film Competition


Award of the jury of 2,000 euros for film and video realized by a team, donated by RITTER SPORT.

Norman 2020

Award of the jury for film and video of 4,000 euros donated by the State Capital Stuttgart.

Wand 5 Award

Our legendary Wand 5 team special price award!

2 Minutes Competiton

2 Minutes Short Film Award

Award of the jury for emerging artists till the age of 35 years of 1,500 euros for a work up to two minutes.

Expanded Media Exhibition

Award for Media in Space

Award of the jury of 750 euros for Media in Space (installations).

Network Culture Award

Award of 750 euros for a work in the field of net art or app-based art works.