33. Stuttgarter Filmwinter — Festival for Expanded Media

International Competition Short Films 5

International Competition Short Films 5
Kurzfilme Internationaler Wettbewerb
FITZ! Cinema

Eberhardstraße 61
Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“
70173 Stuttgart

U-/ S-Bahn / Bus: Stadtmitte / Rotebühlplatz / Wilhelmsbau

FITZ! Cinema

Eberhardstraße 61
Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“
70173 Stuttgart

U-/ S-Bahn / Bus: Stadtmitte / Rotebühlplatz / Wilhelmsbau

Sun 19.01.20
FITZ! Cinema

Adolfo Hernandez meets TwentyThirty

Vereinigte Staaten 2018, Farbe, 03:36 Min.
Regie: Michael Kleimann
Kamera: Ben Kolak
Schnitt, Ton: Witja Frank
DarstellerInnen: Adolfo Hernandez


What is Stuttgart’s migration and integration plan doing in Chicago? What is Stuttgart’s migration and integration plan doing in the White House? The plan does an important job! The film is produced by TwentyThirty, an online magazine. It sheds light on the social, political challenges we face and features inspiring Responsible Leaders who are working to solve them.

Spot without Advertising
Spot ohne Werbung

Deutschland 2018, Farbe, 06:20 Min.
Regie, Kamera, Schnitt, Ton: Marion Pfaus
Drehbuch, DarstellerInnen: Felicia Zeller


A big Casting Agency tried to book Felicia for TV-Spot. But she didn’t want to.

Fixing a Hole

Frankreich 2019, Farbe, 03:10 Min.
Regie, Schnitt, Ton, Musik und Sound
Design: Pierre Ajavon


By trying to fix a hole to stop our mind from wandering on the other side ... Electronic music composition mixed with a lunar sound recording from NASA.

Don’t know what

Österreich 2019, S/W, 08:07 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Animation, Schnitt, Musik,
DarstellerInnen: Thomas Renoldner
Kamera: Ludwig Löckinger


The basic idea of Don’t know what is to combine entertainment cinema and avantgarde film/video art. With the method of single frame editing, which primarily focused on the sound, the hyperrealistic film image gets transformed to surreal, structural and even abstract film. It is also a musical composition, experimenting with the human voice and transforming language to sound.

come up

Deutschland 2019, Farbe, Super 8, 00:34 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Schnitt, Ton, Musik:
Stefan Möckel


A man warns someone.

Tevzaoba (თევზაობა)

Georgien 2018, Farbe, 18:02 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch: Tornike Bziava
Kamera: Arseni Khachaturan
Programmierung: Julien Feret
Schnitt: Merab Akhvlediani
Ton: Paata Godziashvili, Irakli Ivanishvili
Musik: Tornike D & Tamara Jordania
DarstellerInnen: Nika Gordeziani, Imeda
Arabuli, Afrobert Koberidze, Gio Abzianidze


Midnight in the town. There is a river bank along the highway. Some workers are waiting to their promised night job under the driving bridge. The young musician goes to the rail of bridge for
fishing after work. Shortly his friend will join him. He is a young DJ who just finished his work at the club. Musician is under the “funny drug” MDMA.


Österreich 2019, Farbe, 05:00 Min.
Regie: Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich
Kamera: Martin Putz
Ton, Musik: Siegfried Friedrich


The agreement is well known: we sit in the cinema and watch something made about people like us on the screen. But do the characters and cities that we observe know that we are eavesdropping? Probably not. For that reason, we can’t be certain whether we have self-willed lives or are characters in a film ... That is, where does the realm of the audience end? (Olaf Möller)


Portugal 2018, Farbe, 05:42 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Animation, Schnitt:
Paul Bush
Kamera: Manuel Barros, Milton Pacheco,
Ícaro Pintor, Paul Bush
Ton: Andy Cowton
Musik: Traditional songs from Val
DarstellerInnen: Bernardo Santo Tirso,
João Cardoso


Hundreds of motorbikes are animated frame by frame in this homage to the iconic motorcycle design and culture of the 1950s and 60s. A rider prepares his bike and departs on an idealised
journey into the countryside and into the future.


Finnland 2019, Farbe, 08:04 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Schnitt, Ton, Musik:
Anssi Kasitonni
Kamera: Anssi Kasitonni, Sakke Heinonen,
Marko Humalisto, Vesa Humalisto
DarstellerInnen: Anssi Kasitonni, Sakke


Sakke is a snowboarder who is going to
make a film about himself with his friend.

It has to be lived once and dreamed twice

Österreich 2019, Farbe, 28:00 Min.
Regie: Rainer Kohlberger
Ton: Peter Kutin


Experiments in perception are being conducted in a wonderland of damaged images. It has to be lived once and dreamed twice commences with white noise. Rainer Kohlberger conceived his
work as a post-apocalyptic science fiction film, its story unfolding after the sixth great mass extinction has succeeded in wiping out the human race.