33. Stuttgarter Filmwinter — Festival for Expanded Media

International Competition Short Films 3

International Competition Short Films 3
Kurzfilme Internationaler Wettbewerb
FITZ! Cinema

Eberhardstraße 61
Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“
70173 Stuttgart

U-/ S-Bahn / Bus: Stadtmitte / Rotebühlplatz / Wilhelmsbau

FITZ! Cinema

Eberhardstraße 61
Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“
70173 Stuttgart

U-/ S-Bahn / Bus: Stadtmitte / Rotebühlplatz / Wilhelmsbau

Sat 18.01.20, 11:00
tri-bühne, Cinema 2

W O W (Kodak)

Österreich 2018, Farbe, 02:00 Min.
Regie: Viktoria Schmid


Viktoria Schmid compiled the clips and played them backwards. In the regenerative movement, the implosion turns into an act of constituting. And thus, the reducing to rubbles of the building parts becomes a spectacular reconstruction, accompanied by the amazed shouts of the audience (WOW is the palindrome of the moment!). (Melanie Letschnig)

Two Sisters Who Are Not Sisters
Deux Soeurs Qui Ne Sonts Pas Soeurs

Vereinigtes Königreich 2019, Farbe, 16mm,
21:55 Min.
Regie: Beatrice Gibson


Two sisters (who are not sisters), two pregnancies, a two-seater car, a beauty queen, a poodle. The election of a second fascist – this time in Brazil. A crime thriller without a crime, Deux Soeurs unfolds like a dream.


Österreich, Deutschland, Mexico 2018,
Farbe, 07:00 Min.
Regie: Nikki Schuster


animistica opens with the viewer awakening as if inside a restless dream, transformed into a strange vermin. The camera assumes the perspective of an insect burrowing through the dark crumbling underground. Organic textures of all kinds interweave and rush by, its the interplay of growth and decay. (Andrey Arnold)

Two Bodies on a Beach
Kaksi Ruumista Ranalla

Finnland 2019, Farbe, 20:00 Min.
Regie: Anna Paavilainen
Drehbuch: Anna Paavilainen, Laura Birn
Kamera: Jarmo Kiuru
Schnitt: Tuuli Alanärä
Ton: Karri Niinivaara
Musik: Kasperi Laine
DarstellerInnen: Laura Birn, Rea Mauranen,
Tommi Korpela, Lauri Maijal


A woman wakes up on a beach wrapped in plastic, half-naked and in high heels. “Not again”, she sighs and decides to find out who is behind this. She persuades an older woman who has been pushed to the margins of society to accompany her on her revenge trip. During their journey through classical cinematic landscapes, the two women have to face their own lusts and their fragile ideologies.

Muybridge’s Disobedient Horses

Österreich 2018, Farbe, 05:00 Min.
Regie: Anna Vasof


In Muybridge’s Disobedient Horses Anna Vasof investigates where she can find the essence of cinematic illusion when she looks into everyday life and what happens when she uses everyday objects and movements as cinematographic mechanisms. Unlike a magician, the secret behind the “magic trick” in her experiments is revealed, thereby making the cinematic illusions even more magical.


Niederlande 2019, S/W, 06:00 Min.
Regie: Zeno van den Broek


Entrop draws inspiration from the pre-film animation device called the cylindrical zoetrope: a spinning cylinder containing a sequence of images or three-dimensional objects resulting in the illusion of motion. Entrop is based on a virtual threedimensional version of such a zoetrope, using digital means to go beyond the traditional physical relation of energy and

Chick Pea Lotto

Deutschland 2019, S/W, 03:15 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Schnitt, Ton:
Dagie Brundert


From the series: how can I find the right lotto numbers? Part 2. I number my chickpeas from 1 to 49. I want to play the lottery and I need 6 correct numbers. The fastest seedlings will be the right ones!

Land Shape #1

Deutschland 2019, Farbe, 04:50 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Schnitt, Ton:
Thadeusz Tischbein


With the bird’s eye view on the landscape Thadeusz Tischbein wonders what this visual information can tell us about the relationship between landscape and its utilization. He observes farmers who create an aesthetic landscape – maybe in the tradition of Land Art. We see a machine-friendly world with precise, almost digital-like structures.


Vereinigtes Königreich 2019, Farbe,
03:24 Min.
Regie: Ralph Klewitz


The static video shows a tree in Dorset county. Slung around a branch, an LED rope emits light that contrasts the blue winter dusk. Dramatising the scenery, randomly positioned emojis gradually “grow” from the tree, and then disappear again into it. The soundtrack comprises electronically distorted recordings of normal and exaggerated human breathing and gagging sounds.