34. Stuttgarter Filmwinter — Festival for Expanded Media

International Competition Short Films 1

International Competition Short Films 1
Kurzfilme Internationaler Wettbewerb
FITZ! Cinema

Eberhardstraße 61
Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“
70173 Stuttgart

U-/ S-Bahn / Bus: Stadtmitte / Rotebühlplatz / Wilhelmsbau

FITZ! Cinema

Eberhardstraße 61
Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“
70173 Stuttgart

U-/ S-Bahn / Bus: Stadtmitte / Rotebühlplatz / Wilhelmsbau

This is a Projection

Vereinigtes Königreich 2018, S/W, 05:22 Min.
Regie: John Wood, Paul Harrison


This is a projection
This is a projector
This is a slide projector
This is a slide
This is a series of words
This is a synopsis


Deutschland 2018, Farbe, 20:00 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Schnitt, Ton:
Florian Fischer, Johannes Krell
Musik: Florian Marquardt, Alexander Schmidt,
Johannes Krell


The film Umbra deals with rare and common optical phenomena that occur in nature. These ancient and natural projections can be considered as precultural and independent of any apparatus. They occured even before mankind and are united by their intangible, ephemeral presence. In their immateriality and fragility, they are precursors of the cinema image.

Histories of Wolves
Histórias de Lobos

Portugal 2018, Farbe, 22:27 Min.
Regie, Kamera, Schnitt: Agnes Meng
Programmierung, Ton: Mário Gajo
de Carvalho


This film is a collection of stories related with wolf in north Portugal mountains. At one peak among rocky ranges, there is a village called Pitões das Junias. At nightfall hour, shepherds used to gather and tell stories. Myth, death, killings … things might or might not happened but inspired by internal fighting between human and wolf, between us and the wild.


Österreich 2019, Farbe, 05:00 Min.
Regie: Johann Lurf
Kamera: Martin Putz
Ton: Nora Czamler


Can we believe our eyes? The short films of Johann Lurf often explore the enigmatic territory between the real and the perceived, challenging our senses to comprehend visions and sounds taken from the environment around us by means of subtle, beautiful trompe l’oeil effects. Cavalcade, equally dazzling in 2D or 3D, sees him make a direct intervention into physical space for the first time.

A Certain Love For Symmetry
Eine gewisse Liebe zur Symmetrie

Deutschland 2019, Farbe, 07:17 Min.
Regie, Schnitt, DarstellerInnen:
Marlene Denningmann


Of powerful women and suspicious triangles – but for a proper understanding, we need some background knowledge once again.