36. Stuttgarter Filmwinter
Festival for Expanded Media

filmwinter 2023 key dates and motto

Filmwinter Stuttgart proudly presents


The 36th Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media takes place from 12 to 15 January 2023. The festival venues are FITZ - Das Theater animierter Formen and tri-bühne at the Tagblattturm Areal and Kunstbezirk at the Gustav-Siegle-Haus. Beyond the festival period, the latter will be host to the media and net art exhibition until 17 January 2023. For the 36th time, the best submissions from the Open Call - advertised on an international scale - in the competition sections short film, media in space and network culture, and the best music videos competing for the Baden-Württemberg Music Video Buggles Award in cooperation with the Pop-Büro Region Stuttgart are at the core of the festival. And this year's programme for children and youths has a lot of surprises in store for the whole family.

Each year, the festival is dedicated to a specific motto, which resonates in the design, setting, special programmes, and the entire aura of the festival. This year's motto and the Filmwinter team shine in this way and proudly present: INFINITE JEST.

The time is out of joint, and we are in the middle of the bubble containing the greatest jest staging in a brave new world, in which every single event is set in scene to attract media attention, and everything turns into entertainment. The lines are blurred, and the clear distinction between truth and fiction dissolves. It gets increasingly uncertain how and for what we can position ourselves when we can't say anymore who stands for what and in which way this whole game is connected. We cannot control this self-staged jest any more, but the jest has a stranglehold over us. We become the subjects of a new smooth totalitarianism. We're amusing ourselves to death, longing for some meaning. We create new saints and heroes, but in doing that, we're just compensating for the feeling of our helplessness.

To stand our ground while looking for the right gear and the necessary skills in this fairground-like endgame, the Filmwinter has found clues in David Foster Wallace's novel "Infinite Jest". The book's plot revolves around the search for the film "Infinite Jest", which fascinates its audience in a way that they are completely mesmerized, unable to think or act. In this way, we see the Filmwinter as the ultimate weapon we want to spread in the world and Stuttgart like a virus. Therefore, we invite our artists, guests, and the audience to join in this infinite jest - with encounters, workshops, performances, and film and exhibition programmes in digital and real spaces.

The film and media festival, well-known beyond Baden-Württemberg, will be held as a hybrid edition and features a framework of events and cooperations with the Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart (municipal library), Institut français, Kunstraum 34, and ifa Gallery.

(As of July 2023)

filmwinter 2023 key dates and motto