twenty three and some more

Warm Up
Warm Up

Johanna Mangold and Jan-Hendrik Pelz

Opening: Sat 20.1.2018, 19:00
Exhibition: 21.1. – 10.2.2018
Mondays: 21:30–24:00
and by appointment: Phone 0711 65 00 67

Johanna Mangold und Jan-Hendrik Pelz see themselves as young independent artists confronted by a highly competitive art scene and art market in which they each have to secure a position for themselves. They encounter the dubious mechanisms, the unequal distribution of attention, capital and influence and the completely open question about objective “artistic quality” with a measure that will be more than a self-fulfilling prophecy: they brew a magic potion using select ingredients that turns whoever drinks it into the “best artist in the world”. The creation process and potion drinking performance can be seen in the form of a documentary video “Zaubertrank” (magic potion), which will celebrate its premiere in cooperation with Oberwelt e.V. and the Stuttgarter Filmwinter. Additionally, original artworks from “the best artists in the world” can be marvelled at the Oberwelt gallery.

Galerie Oberwelt e.V.
Reinsburgstraße 93, 70197 Stuttgart