Interactive electronics and the arts
Praxisvortrag: Georg Werner (dt.)

For centuries, theatre has used technical means creating illusion and situations to support the audience to descend into the narrative but also enhance the experience – a process frequently called immersion in our age of virtual and augmented reality.

These means allow for completely new formats such as Rimini Protokoll’s “Situation Room” which can be considered rather an interactive walk-in installation or Interrobang’s “To Like Or Not To Like” where the audience becomes part of a machine. In Turbo Pascal’s “Algorithmen” whole passages of the piece are created algorithmically. (Partly interactive) algorithmic methods and electronic processes also find their way into other arts – allowing for new and different display or narrative methods, for instance Generative Art in which machines create artworks based on algorithms.

Based on examples, the lecture will present an outline of the strategies and techniques that were used. For this, performative formats will be the starting point for an exploration at the intersection of algorithms and electronics as well as contemporary arts.


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