Right after the sleepover started we’re standing at the fridge and our gooey mouths are beginning to drool. Almost unreachable next to the pieces of mango we can spot something firm, round and tasty on the peach cheeks. Right in the middle of the funk’s fruits, Bird Berlin is indulging in the amply equipped glitter Pop fruit basket and he can’t stop grinning. Juicy daring beats are accompanying this dancing delicious feast and just as the bright voice can be heard, the Caribbean Kiwi Smoothie starts to drip from our chins. Fed, happy and refreshed we’ll turn the Twister’s Wheel again and it stops at: left foot on red – both ears straight up.

Bird Berlin is a one man glitter show. This visual illusion dances and sings in soft clothes and light-footed as an elf to the beats of his iPod. Don’t miss the breaking light on his shiny body and go dance the Birdi with him!

FITZ! Zentrum für Figurentheater, Studio, Theater tri-bühne

Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“, Eberhardstraße 61, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn / S-Bahn: Haltestelle Stadtmitte / Bus: Haltestelle Wilhelmsbau