Sequences to interpret the Invisibe
Wiederholung vom 20. Januar 2017 19:00 Uhr

Idee, Ausstattung, Spiel: Jan Jedenak
Künstlerische Betreuung: Florian Feisel
Sound Design: Maximilian Leistikow, Jan Jedenak
Produktion: HMDK Stuttgart & Dekoltas Handwerk
Dauer: ca. 20 Min.

Inspired by Guy de Maupassant’s fictional diary “Le Horla”, SÉANCE evokes the invisible in motif-like minimal sequences. In the light of the head lamp, moments of a long-gone past which seem to stem from a psyche lost in madness freeze accompanied by sinister tape recordings. A play with the fleetingness of light and the precariousness of our perception. An attempt to get a grasp of the uncanny presence of absence between shadow and light.

“Our whole environment, everything we look at without thinking, everything we pass involuntarily, everything we touch unexpectedly, everything blurred that goes past – conveys the impression of something out of the blue, surprising, inexplicable on our senses and thoughts...”
(Guy de Maupassant)


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