Katalog der großen Kränkungen der Menschheit, letzter Teil, von Meinhardt Krauss Feigl
Tanz: Alexandra Mahnke, Sawako Nunotani, Alexandra Brenk,
Video: Oliver Feigl
Videotracking: Dr. Marcus Doering, André Bernhardt, Oliver Feigl
Musik- und Soundprocessing: Oliver Sascha Frick
Musik, Sound: Thorsten Meinhardt
Dramaturgie: Robert Atzlinger
Regie Choreographie: Iris Meinhardt
Regie Video: Michael Krauss
Dauer ca. 60 Minuten

A catalogue of the big insults to humanity, final part, by Meinhardt Krauss Feigl

“Walls tumble, geometric bodies explode, sound and voices overlap, dancers fall: the virtual total crash leading the audience to their pain threshold in both an optical and acoustic way is followed by a resuscitation.”
(Stuttgarter Zeitung/Nachrichten)

“Graphic patterns turn into three-dimensional figures that climb up the back wall of the stage and, once there, tumble on to another level. Bodies interweave and so do the honeycomb pattern depicted on these bodies, the grow into the sky, expand into space among archaic grinding and creaking noises. It’s all an illusion – an optical deception with perspective, graffiti without spray. All senses are challenged for the course of an hour.”
(Esslinger Zeitung)

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