Salon 14 is dedicated to the individual cine-
matic development and discovery of all
its members. It offers a platform, where they don’t have to please an audience or meet certain standards. The work of each member is reflected by the group and thereby gets an opportunity to advance through continuous practical work and an open dialogue. The following set of rules is solely there to maintain discipline – making up the fundament for a free filmic exchange:

I. Every member produces a film for each meeting.
II. We all accept the rules and requirements agreed upon.
III. All decisions are made on a democratic basis.
IV. It is our duty to produce and discuss during our active time.
V. In each meeting, a subject and a technical specification is set up and the films have to meet them. In case of divergence, the filmmaker has to explain why.
VI. Those who don’t make a film have to come up with a further production due on the next meeting. Additionally, they have to produce a penalty film due at the meeting after the next.
VII. If the film is not accepted by the plenum, the filmmaker has to make alterations until the next meeting.
VIII. The plenum sets up individual conditions for each penalty film.

White Noise

Eberhardstraße 37, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn / Bus: Haltestelle Rathaus


Deutschland 2015, 3:13 Min.
Regie: Sebastian Piltan
Techn. Bedingung: Film Noir
Technical requirement: film-noir-style

A lonesome ride through the night.


Deutschland 2016, 1:10 Min.
Regie: Andreas Buschhaus
Techn. Bedingung: nur Close-Up
Technical requirement: only Close-Up

A film about the internal conflict between the poetry of the heart and the opposed prose of conditions (Hegel). Impulse against mind. Lust against safety. Sex against security.


Deutschland 2016, 1:58 Min.
Regie: Phoebe Ammon
Techn. Bedingung: Wechsel von Found-
Footage und selbst gedrehtem Material
alle drei Sekunden
Technical requirement: change of found-
footage and filmed footage every three seconds.

Femaleness drenched in blood, burst into Flames.


Deutschland 2016, 2:13 Min.
Regie: Laurie Hamen
Techn. Bedingung: selbst komponierte Musik. Filmemacher muss singen.
Technical requirement: with self-made music. Filmmaker has to sing.

The hypnotic power of money in dependence on a tibetan Mandala.

One Night Stand

Deutschland 2016,1:09 Min.
Regie: Nicky Minaei
Techn. Bedingung: Orange-Blau-Kontrast.
Technical requirement: orange/blue contrast

What about our euqipment when we are not looking? Impressions behind the Scenes.


Deutschland 2015, 3:43 Min.
Regie: Lucca Donnalies
Techn. Bedingung: Handykamera
Technical requirement: shot with

Dismal daily routine of a soon-to-be superhero.


Deutschland 2016, 3:20 Min.
Regie: Florian Kaspar
Techn. Bedingung: nur Close-Up
Technical requirement: only close-up

Traces of cause and effect.


Deutschland 2015, 1:00 Min.
Regie: Marian Rottke
Techn. Bedignung: POV
Technical requirement: pov-perspective

Sometimes it is hard to capture what the human hands left behind.


Deutschland 2015, 5:55 Min.
Regie: Vincent von Tiedemann
Techn. Bedingung: volle Rechte
Technical reqirement: filmmaker owns
all rights of the footage

A little man stands in the forest completely still and quiet.


Deutschland 2015, 4:04 Min
Regie: Matthias Rott
Techn. Bedingung: keine Musik
Technical requirement: no Music.

Dark chocolat is a stimulant.


Deutschland 2016, 1:30 Min.
Regie: Anuthinan Ratnamaheson, Dominik Schwegler
Techn. Bedingung: zwei visuelle Medien.
Technical requirement: two kinds of visual media

Humans. Pictures of the past. A memorial. The journey into death. A memory. Because history shows how awake we have to be.


Deutschland 2016, 3:55 Min.
Regie: Marlon Dannert,
Christopher Fernandes
Techn. Bedingung: nur Close-Up.
Technical requirement: only close-up.

An article reminds detective johnson of an incident from his past. The parallels between the past and the present are too similar to be a coincidence.

One Night Stand

Deutschland 2016, 1:00 Min.
Regie: Océane Maître
Techn. Bedingung: Orange-Blau-Kontrast
Technical requirement: orange/blue contras

The morning after. Facets of reflection.


Deutschland 2016, 1:05 Min.
Regie: Christopher Fernandes
Techn. Bedingung: zwei Visuelle Medien
Technical requirement: two kinds of visual media

Aesthetics, the study of the human body, olympia or even more? In dependence on Leni Riefenstahl’s Olympia “festival of nations”.

One Night Stand

Deutschland 2016, 1:28 Min.
Regie: Denisa Tanase
Techn. Bedingung: Orange-Blau-Kontrast
Technical requirement: orange/blue contrast

Witnesses of an Encounter.