Curated by Manuel Francescon 

Manuel Francescon is actually known as an actor for TV productions or for his works as Trash filmmaker in collaboration with Bernhard Lenz (FREAX). However, for the last 15 years he has been exploring the dying medium Super 8 and produced a whole series of short films that have won several awards jury and audience awards at film festivals. As part of his new programme “1000 Jahre Super 8” (“1000 years of Super 8”), Francescon will now present a Best Of of the substandard film gems worth seeing by great Super 8 cult filmmakers such as Reinhard Westendorf, Kersten/Grah/Rau, David Pfuger, Warnixmachtnix, Dagie Brundert, Holger Tepe, Magnus Irvin, Stefan Möckel, Alexandra Zotzel, Bernhard Marsch and many more – and of course a selection of his own productions.

With the projection from the middle of the audience which invokes a properly cozy atmosphere, Francescon will personally get upset by the flaws of the Super 8 projector and tell amusing stories about the background of films as well as production using the almost extinct amateur film format Super 8. A programme for those, who haven’t had a laugh in quite a while and in need of one!

White Noise

Eberhardstraße 37, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn / Bus: Haltestelle Rathaus