Contemporary Italian short films

Presented by Ulrich Wegenast, Artististic Director Stuttgart Festival 0f Animated Film
In Cooperation with Istituto Italiano di Cultura Stuttgart
A compilation by Paola Bistrot and Andrea Martignoni (attending)

FITZ! Zentrum für Figurentheater, Studio, Theater tri-bühne

Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“, Eberhardstraße 61, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn / S-Bahn: Haltestelle Stadtmitte / Bus: Haltestelle Wilhelmsbau


Italien 2015, 3:00 Min.
Regie: Valerio Spinelli

Pandemonio is a kaleidoscope of monsters, animals and other strange creatures that come to life at the hectic and primitive pace of the music of the Zu. The animation is achieved by moving, resizing and coloring overlapping circles of felt without ever deforming them, they are scanned and then digitally composited.

La testa tra le nuvole

Italien 2013, 7:50 Min.
Regie: Roberto Catani

A child’s daydream during a school lesson is abruptly interrupted by the teacher. The “instructor” threatens to cut off an ear to his young student to “stimulate” the concentration and prevent further escapes into the realm of Imagination.

The Age of Rust

Italien 2014, 7:17 Min.
Regie: Francesco Aber, Alessandro Mattei

An extraordinary documentary about the incredible “Petramosaurus Cavator,” a native of the beautiful Alps. From fierce fighting to the miracle of birth, we will get to know the incredible life cycle of this beautiful species, and in particular its relationship with man and our planet.


Italien 2013, 5:04 Min.
Regie: Igor Imhoff

The meaning of Kurgan is tomb, and a deathly feeling predominates in an intentionally hyper-realistic setting, realized with a technique in 3D. In this context, the characters materialize, two ghosts or rather simulacra, who immediately oppose each other in a fight for the last particle.

Pluto 3000

Italien 2014, 1:16 Min.
Regie: Fabio Tonetto

An unsuccessful attempt to create the best Pluto of all time.

Ralph Plays D’oh!

Italien 2016, 0:36 Min.
Regie: Fabio Tonetto

The graphic distortions of a popular animated character like Ralph from the series “The Simpsons” continues Fabio Tonetto’s irreverent streak, in which he cleverly plays with myths and transforms them at his will.


Italien 2014, 2:51 Min.
Regie: Donato Sansone

“The film is a digital expression of the combination of two exercised practices: painting and the profession of videomaker, as well as special effects compositor. I mixed all these things in this work, leading to the extreme consequences of my painting disposition and my vocation to the horror and dreamlike dimension, ever-present in my works.”

Venditori Ambulanti

Italien 2015, 5:02 Min.
Regie: Michele Bernardi

Sicilian musician Alfio Antico lives deeply attached to his land, to its traditions and to its painful and cruel rituals. The images of the earth, the wind and of dreams blend with a repetitive and tantric music that echoes the voice of the Sicilian street vendors.


Frankreich/Italien 2015, 8:08 Min.
Regie: Virginia Mori

A teacher and her student linger in an empty classroom. Through their eyes and their gestures, a particular battle begins. Through the extreme minimalism of their actions and the very dynamics of the unfolding scene, there is a shift and an overcoming of a state, an initiation ritual that culminates in the cutting of a long braid.

La Flèche Delta

Italien/Frankreich 2014, 8:55 Min.
Regie: Francesco Vecchi

Playing bingo in a medieval baptistery in the middle of a forest. A priest, peasants and strange creatures try to win the first prize: a miniature airplane. Meanwhile, on the roof there is a jolly party with music. Set in Parma, the characters of this film are shadow puppets.

Soil is Alive

Italien 2015, 8:00 Min.
Regie: Beatrice Pucci

“Soil is Alive” is a dark tale, without heroes. It is like a lens which lets us look under the leaves. Its aim is to communicate the concept of the common good. There are eight characters, three live in a building and wear wigs, five live in the woods and are bald. The story finishes on a positive note thanks to a seed.


Italien 2015, 4:46 Min.
Regie: Martina Scarpelli

What was it like, before the birth of the universe? Does reality exist? A girl tries to answer these big questions. In doing this, she imagines she can empty the universe to get to the very first portion of the cosmos. Looking at that small point, she stops and asks herself: shall I destroy myself? Or shall I destroy the universe?

San Laszlo contro Santa Maria Egiziaca

Italien 2014, 2:44 Min.
Regie: Magda Guidi

The film is a play with a crazy subject: apocalyptic battle among ravenous monsters, B-series saints, crooked friends, inept godheads, resuscitated punk rockers. St. Laszlo’s dancing, beating and punching.