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Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“, Eberhardstraße 61, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn / S-Bahn: Haltestelle Stadtmitte / Bus: Haltestelle Wilhelmsbau

Über Druck
Over Pressure

Deutschland 2016, Farbe, HD, 12:52 Min.
Regie, Schnitt: Sebastian Binder
Kamera: Fred Schirmer
Musik: David Schwarz

I love documentaries. This one concerns all of us!
Godmother Täschi


Italien 2016, Farbe, HD, 09:00 Min.
Regie, Schnitt, Ton: Rick Niebe

There are always films left that are too beautiful to not be shown – one of my favourite programmes. As colourful as our preselection committee.
Godmother Heike

Fields of Rape

Deutschland 2016, Farbe, HD, 10:40 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Programmierung,
Animation, Schnitt: Anselm Pyta
Ton: David Hill
Musik: Peter Andersson
DarstellerInnen: Bruno Winzen, Bodo Primus,
Wolf Frass

A mix of pop-culture visual delight and contrasting atmospheric music spiced with minimal sound design and great voice acting, Fields of Rape might be the kind of stuff you would see on Adult Swim if they would feature obscure German animated webseries. I like its weirdness, its timing and the uncomfortable humour it delivers.
Godmother Ela

All pretty maids with patience wait

USA 2016, Farbe, HD, 03:30 Min.
Regie, Schnitt: Carolyn Tennant
Kamera: Muriel Orr-Ewing Schnitt
Musik: Gustav Holst

I would definitely sneak into a party like that
Godmother Giovanna

Into all that is here

Großbritannien 2015, Farbe, HD, 09:42 Min.
Regie: Laure Provost

Make yourselves comfortable and carefully follow the instructions.
Godmother Katharina

National Center

Italien 2016, Farbe, HD, 08:15 Min.
Regie, Kamera, Schnitt: Francesco Bertocco
Ton, Musik: Flavio Scutti

Science and Research is important stuff and absolutely my hobby-horse.
Godmother Nici

Running Around

Belgien 2015, Farbe, HD, 11:59 Min.
Regie: Ria Pacquée

It seems that circling around mundane events in public space would almost lose its randomness by way of constant repetition. To look out for a fracture in the process is an obvious thing to do. Accompanied by a clocking beat and steady sounds of breathing and running, the narrative obtains a meditative form which – in the positive sense – must be endured.
Godmother Hannah

Women acting like Staubsaugerroboter

Deutschland 2016, Farbe, HD, 00:26 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Animation,
Schnitt, DarstellerInnen: Marion Pfaus

A practical, easy solution. Why didn’t I get that idea myself?
Godmother Ivonne

Circular Inscription

Österreich 2016, Farbe, HD, 07:00 Min.
Regie: Lukas Marxt

A static compositionally pleasing shot of a desert landscape becomes a screen of ephemeral drawings. A strange process which you watch as if hypnotized – even though it is extremely monotonic.
Godfather Max

Palabras de Caramelo
Words of Caramel

Spanien 2016, Farbe, HD, 20:00 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch: Juan Antonio Moreno Amador
Kamera: Javier Cerdá
Animation: Nacho Ruiz Capillas
Ton: Gabriel Gutiérrez, Luis Cotallo

The friendship of a Bedouin boy and a young camel ... a quiet film with a funny end.
Godmother Sabine

The Laughing Spider

Japan 2015, Farbe, HD, 07:25 Min.
Regie: Keiichi Tanaami

A visual thunderstorm made of symbols and known as well as less known objects. Colourful, flashy, fast ...
Godfather Matthias