Short Film Homage

Compiled by Bonnie & Clyde 
Presented by Andreas Bär

We will celebrate our 300 years together with a short film programme compiled especially for Wank.

Wank – bass + drums, that’s enough!

In December 1987, the first Filmwinter took place at the former Casino bar. Eleven months before that, Wank had played their first concert at the same place.

Morbus Friz who has been the band leader of the venerable outfit Wank for 300 years has also been a part of Filmwinter as supporter, delegate for setting up and dismantling the venues, caretaker of artists, musician, Gala special guest, workshop guide and honorary member just as much as the lie is part of Donald Trump. His spontaneous Filmhaus farewell concert with its healing acoustic feedback will always remain legendary among the Filmwinter events.

Well known from radio and television as well as the grand Röhre anniversary concert, Wank does not miss out when it comes to trendy buzzing sounds in various versions and plushy detonations and variations of 300-year-old popular songs in the current fashion mode.

2017 has been declared Wank’s year: more than 300 events around the world are expected to take place with many guests and installations, performances, films and special live acts.

Wank – a force majeure to be reckoned with!

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