How retro can sex be? Will we disappear in black holes? Will “Siri” make all our wishes come true? Discover yourselves what the future will bring.

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House Arrest

Schweiz 2015, Farbe, HD, 13:27Min.
Drehbuch: Matthias Sahli
Kamera: Pascal Reinmann
Ton: Oliver Rogers
Musik: Adrian Pfisterer
DarstellerInnen: Peter Hottinger,
Urs-Peter Wolters, Nicole Steiner,
Walter Menzi

Hausarrest tells the story of Max, who was sentenced to six months of house arrest. An electronic ankle bracelet called Percy helps him through his new daily life. One day Max is shocked to discover how far Percy is willing to go to assist him in his needs.


Mexiko 2016, Farbe, HD, 11:00 Min.
Drehbuch, Kamera, Schnitt:
Dalia Huerta Cano, Iván Puig
Ton, Musik: Homero González
DarstellerInnen: Pueblo Sánchez,
Iván Puig (Darstellerstimme),
Wanda Vrasti (Nachrichtenstimme)

A rural science fiction story about extinction, narrated by an individual that is the last of its Kind.


Deutschland 2015, Farbe, HD, 14:59 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Animation,
Schnitt: Ulu Braun
Kamera: Ulu Braun, Valentin Lorenz
Ton: Moritz Hoffmeister
Musik: Patric Catani
DarstellerInnen: Joachim Stargard,
Gina Lisa Maiwald, Niina Lehtonen Braun,
Valentin Lorenz, Patrick Morarescu u.a.

The film follows emotional traces of architecture in society and aims at exploring the cyclic urge of “building and destroying”. The effects of eco villages, underground construction and hobby room on an individual are transferred into maelstrom-like tableaus. “It is not just playing with light but also playing with darkness.”


Frankreich 2016, Farbe, HD, 14:00 Min.
Drehbuch: Jean-Baptiste Saurel
Kamera: Raphaël Vandenbussche
Schnitt: Flora Volpeliere
Ton: Antoine Corbin
Musik: La Femme

2065. Convinced sex was better in the old days, a group of teenagers set out on the trail of Retrosex.


Griechenland 2015, Farbe, HD, 14:00 Min.
Drehbuch: Syni Pappa
Kamera: Olympia Mytilinaiou
Schnitt: Stamos Dimitropoulos
Ton: Giotis Paraskevaidis
Musik: Patric Catani
DarstellerInnen: Stathis Apostoulou,
Pavlos Iordanopoulous, Kostas Nikouli u.a.

In the near future decadent metropolis of Athens suicide is illegal, while citizens have no other desire but to die.

E is for Evolution
E steht für Evolution

Deutschland 2016, Farbe, HD, 5:37 Min.
Drehbuch, Schnitt: Paul Kusmaul
Ton: Marco Schnebel
Musik: Andreas Pfeiffer

Was all life on earth created by god or was it just randomly developed by nature with a method we call evolution. And what about the future? Will humans and machines merge together in one new life form? In six short episodes and wrapped as odd everyday stories and stereotypes, the film traces the big questions of humanity.

Frog Perspective

Deutschland 2016, Farbe, HD, 5:38 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Animation,
Schnitt: Eliza Plocieniak-Alvarez
Ton: Anna Nowak
Musik: Maestro Pivetta

A lonely frog living on the Moon spends her days reading romantic books and contemplating space. One day someone she had been longing for suddenly appears in her life.”