Contemporary Experimental Films and Video Art from Germany
Präsentiert von AG Kurzfilm und German Films, Premiere

For the third time the German Short Film Association puts together a compilation of emerging artists. As the subtitle indicates,
it is supposed to highlight contemporary experimental films and video art from Germany. It is remarkable that film and video art can be brought together in one compilation – two worlds which seemed to fundamentally exclude each other until recently; two contrasted audiences were targeted, two different approaches to production were pursued.

But this compilation is symptomatic of a recent development in the moving image industry. In the last years the borders between cinema and art world have melted away. Film festivals allover the world but also the art markets show that filmmakers and artists are seeking solidarity. 

Eventually what we call it now – experimental film, short film, artists’ film, video art, time based media art - will perhaps become irrelevant. Yet, it is crucial to see that also young artists have something to say, that they make a significant contribution to the current discourse. Because it is only
with real innovations and new inputs that something shall develop. In this sense it is very exciting to present the emerging artists that were selected this year. Marlene Denningmann, Alexandar Radan, Lotte Meret, Patrick Buhr, Vanessa Nica Mueller, Ines Christine and Kirsten Carina Geißer, NEOZOON and Rainer Kohlberg – these are names we certainly will encounter more often in the coming years.

Olaf Stüber is the initiator and curator of Videoart at Midnight, an artists’ cinema project in Berlin, which he runs with the collector Ivo Wessel. He is also the publisher of Videoart at Midnight Edition, lecturer and art adviser.

Alfred Rotert (European Media Art Festival Osnabrück), Giovanna Thiery ( Stuttgarter Filmwinter-Festival for Expanded Media), Anne Turek (AG Kurzfilm),  Insa Wiese (International Short Film Week Regensburg), Gerhard Wissner (Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival), were the members of the jury who selected the works from more than 120 submissions.

FITZ! Zentrum für Figurentheater, Studio, Theater tri-bühne

Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“, Eberhardstraße 61, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn / S-Bahn: Haltestelle Stadtmitte / Bus: Haltestelle Wilhelmsbau


Deutschland 2016, 12:47 Min.
Regie: Marlene Denningmann

A collective is a social entity, whose voluntarily organizing members are connected by joint action. In this definition the term “harmony” refers to harmonizing sounds. The syllables are separated as follows: a society in which every individual can make their dreams come true by performance and competition.

in between identities

Deutschland 2015, 8:50 Min.
Regie: Aleksandar Radan

Somehow voyeuristic we observe in the film pawns in a virtual world, which are choreographed and directed by the filmmaker. We are part of the game of his own and the simulated identity. In these strange moments we explore innermost desires and curiosities, which we would never know otherwise.

Surface Glaze

Deutschland 2015, 8:00 Min.
Regie: Lotte Meret Effinger

The video work Surface Glaze deals with the dissolution of human bodies and their occupation by prostheses and parasites. For this purpose an aesthetic is used which links to consumer- and advertising industry: By exploiting the technology of consumer industry values as uniqueness and individuality become immanent.

Something About Silence

Deutschland 2015, 12:22 Min.
Regie: Patrick Buhr

You are here, because you are boring. Let the audio-visual experience sink into your subconscious in order to become more exciting and fashionable.


Deutschland 2015, 12:43 Min.
Regie: Vanessa Nica Mueller

One seems lost in an empty, abandoned urban scenario. Two find a place of shelter in a provisional room. Plateau is about a dystopian alienation, an isolation which, arising from the inner world of the protagonists, has inscribed itself in the exterior world. The locations chosen for Plateau were so-called shrinking cities in Germany.


Deutschland 2015, 11:00 Min.
Regie: Ines Christine Geißer,
Kirsten Carina Geißer

Lucky is looking for happiness. This animated short is questioning our search as well as its aim: What does luck mean for the individual? Is failure the only possibility?


Frankreich/Deutschland 2014, 3:30 Min.
Regie: Art Collective NEOZOON

A thirty track installation about women who present their pets on the internet. They declare all their love of their pedigree dogs and cats.

Moon Blink

Österreich/Deutschland 2015, 10:00 Min.
Regie: Rainer Kohlberger

Moon Blink was entirely generated by complex software, no camera was used. The result of this formal method is an abstract digital artwork that not only manages to convince thanks to its mathematical precision, but primarily also due to its incredible beauty and surprising narrative structure.