Curated and presented by Sanja Grbin

Haus der Geschichte, Otto-Borst-Saal

Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 16, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn / Bus: Haltestelle Staatsgalerie, Haltestelle Charlottenplatz (Zugang überUrbanstraße)

The Tiniest

Kroatien 2013, 15:00 Min.
Regie: Tomislav Šoban

My best friend lived across the street. In a house across the way on the same street. He went into his house when we all went home. The store was closing. In summertime, it is at 9 pm. That was the last time I saw him.

Kino Crvena zvijezda
The Red Star Cinema

Kroatien 2014, 10:00 Min.
Regie: Silvestar Kolbas

Among the ruins of the cinema of my childhood, I found the remains of a film tape with pieces of films produced by the former state. Decay gave the tape a new quality and created a new aesthetic. The tape has found its way to its audience again. But nothing is the same.


Kroatien 2013, 23:00 Min.
Regie: Ana Hušman

The curriculum for teaching Croatian as a foreign language emphasises the use of role play, drama, expressive reading and reading and writing postcards. Combined with a textbook and postcards sent from the United States to Croatia, these teaching methods become starting points for improvised situations performed by professional and amateur actors.

Pokretni elementi
Moving Elements

Kroatien 2016, 7:00 Min.
Regie: Marko Tadić

Moving Elements focuses on the creative processes that lead to making art. A car passes through all the stages of creative art process and becomes part of art works, as well as a player in abstract processes of creating. The film is meant as a tribute to films made in the golden age of the Zagreb School of Animation in the 1960s and 1970s.


Kroatien 2013, 16:00 Min.
Regie: Boris Poljak

Autofocus is a short documentary film about the church of Saint Nicolas that dates from the 12th century and is visited by numerous tourists. It is located on a picturesque hill with a pine tree growing nearby. The camera witnesses a transformation of the site into a sort of special stage where unusual events occur and tourists become actors in a play.