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Kanada 2014, 36:54 Min.
Regie: Jeremy Shaw

Set 500 years in the future, “Quickeners” tells the story of Human Atavism Syndrome (H.A.S.), an obscure disorder afflicting a tiny portion of the Quantum Human population to desire and feel as their Human Being predecessors once did. A species wirelessly interconnected to The Hive, Quantum Humans have evolved to operate solely on pure rational thought and they have achieved immortality.

“Quickeners” is set against a cinéma vérité aesthetic, reworking archival documentary footage from a gathering of Pentecostal Christian snake handlers to illustrate the story. As the film unfolds, an authoritative Quantum Human narrator comments on what we witness: indecipherable testimonials, sermons, songs, prayers, convulsive dancing, speaking-in-tongues, serpent handling, and ecstatic states that Quantum Humans define as “Quickening”.

Night in Olympia

Deutschland 2009, 40:00 Min.
Regie: Timo Schiernhorn

In a short sequence of a documentary film about the hostage taking at the Olympic Games in munich 1972, Timo Schiernhorn discovers a man on the cinema screen that is similar to a picture of his father in a family photo. Furthermore the filmmaker learns that his father, who had died young, had worked as a Bundesgrenzschutz official at the Olympics. Additionally, in talking to old friends, he finds out that his father was given the name „Onkel Luten“, when he was mimicking his own father.

For the film “Night in Olympia“, Schiernhorn slips into the roll of this artificial figure whose staged biography investigates the mechanisms of memory and captures that, which has been forgotten, in images. Again and again over the last three years Schierhorn has encouraged his circle of acquaintances to re-enact everyday-scenes of his parents, from their small town between 1972 and 1980 – similar to the followers of living history re-enactments. This semi-autobiographical film combines Super 8 found-footage documentary sequences with staged scenes, which provide filmic links to the home movie memories. The ties between private films auctioned on ebay and the small film documentary performances, try to play two genres against one another: the home and art movie.