Langversion von Continuity am
22. Januar 2017
14:00 Uhr

Guest Irene von Alberti


Haus der Geschichte, Otto-Borst-Saal

Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 16, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn / Bus: Haltestelle Staatsgalerie, Haltestelle Charlottenplatz (Zugang überUrbanstraße)


Deutschland 2012,  41:00 Min.
Deutschland 2016, 85:00 Min.
Regie: Omer Fast

Back from Afghanistan. Torsten and Katja, a middle-aged married couple are preparing a festive welcoming celebration at their home. They drive to the station to pick up Daniel, a gangly young man wearing a uniform of the German Federal Armed Forces who has been waiting for them. The meeting is awkward: the parents get emotional while the son is increasingly distanced and passive, insecure and weird. At home the parental love is unrequited which irritates and shakes up the parents. Katja’s last attempt to reach her son – stroking him fondly when he’s in bed – gets her nowhere as he is pretending to be asleep.

The next day, Torsten and Katja are driving to the station again. The atmosphere between them is tense. They barely talk. Another young man in uniform is waiting at the same spot. The next day, Torsten and Katja are driving to the station yet again...


Deutschland 2016, 30:00 Min.
Regie: Omer Fast

A portrait of two young German men whose lives collide violently. A teenager finds a way to make some money by visiting a middle-aged couple pretending to be their son. An older callboy is also hired by that couple but disappears after going to a bakery shop. The work jumps back and forth in time showing characters who are lost and trying to find a connection again until they meet a surprising fate with two different perspectives.