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21. Januar 2017
13:30 Uhr
Haus der Geschichte, Otto-Borst-Saal

FITZ! Zentrum für Figurentheater, Studio, Theater tri-bühne

Kulturareal „Unterm Turm“, Eberhardstraße 61, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn / S-Bahn: Haltestelle Stadtmitte / Bus: Haltestelle Wilhelmsbau

Fata Morgana

USA 2016, Farbe, HD, 20:06 Min.
Regie: Amelie Wen
Drehbuch: Amelie Wen, Jon Keng
Schnitt: James Stiegelbauer
Ton: Fred Schultz
Musik: Dai Bo
DarstellerInnen: Liu Peiqi, Mardy Ma

A middle-aged couple from China arrives in the United States for the first time to organize the funeral rites of their only daughter. In the midst of dealing with the logistics of the funeral and their overwhelming grief, they begin to unravel the esca­lating fractures in their relationship and the uncertain futures that lie ahead of them.

When Time Moves Faster

Österreich, Kanada 2016, Farbe,
HD, 07:00 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera: Anna Vasof
DarstellerInnen: Wolfgang Obermair,
Ewa Stern, Marlies Pöschl, Thomas Reutterer, Anna Vasof, Akis Loukas, Josef Vasof

In four demonstrative procedures Anna Vasof proves her appetite for experimenting and delight with performing an illusion: First, an original action is presented through a performance – the introduction leads to an exciting state of suspense from the start. Vasof spares no effort in converting everyday objects into mechanical constructions.

우주의 닭
The Chicken of Wuzuh

Südkorea 2015, Farbe, HD, 12:47 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch: Sungbin Byun
Kamera: Seokhyun You
Programmierung: Dahyun Kim
Animation: Chaeyool Kim
Schnitt: Eungyou Lee
Ton: Jooyoun Kim, Musik: Jieun Sin
DarstellerInnen: Sohyun Song

Wuzuh, a girl with Down’s syndrome, has a secret crush on her class teacher. However, one day, she finds out that one of her classmates has received the same hairclip from the teacher as hers. Feeling betrayed, Wuzuh brings a chicken she has been raising to give her teacher to school and starts to make a fuss with it in the classroom.

À Table

Deutschand 2015, Farbe,
16 mm, 05:34 Min.
Regie, Kamera: Pia Maria Martin
Musik: Martin von Frantzius,
Stefan Weinzierl

I worked on a four-course menue with two Super 16 mm cameras. There was eating, drinking, laughing and a fight.

Food, first

Deutschland 2016, Farbe, HD, 10:52 Min.
Regie, Schnitt: Pol Ponsarnau
Drehbuch: Sergi Portabella
Kamera: Phillip Kaminiak
Ton: Tamar Rosenblum
Musik: The Gramophone Allstars
DarstellerInnen: Milton Welsh,
Carrie Getman, Martina Schöne-Radunski,
Daniel Steiner

Food first, then morals! A comedy about two couples in a stylish Berlin Tapas restaurant. Tension grows with each dish. All seems lost when the question who waters your plants? comes on the table.

Emily must wait

Deutschland 2016, Farbe, HD, 11:57 Min.
Regie, Ton: Christian Wittmoser
Drehbuch: Christian Wittmoser,
Svenja Matthes
Kamera: Eva Dürholt
Schnitt: Leonard Bahro
Musik: Thomas Höhl
DarstellerInnen: Julia Jütte,
Daniele Nonnis, Johannes Rieder

While Europe is breaking apart, Emily perseveres in her flat hoping to see her boyfriend again. Her promise to wait for him is increasingly put to the test and her hopes for a happy end are fading...

Beti bezperako koplak
Couplets for an Everlasting Eve

Spanien 2016, Farbe, HD, 05:24 Min.
Regie: Ageda Kopla Taldea
Drehbuch: Maialen Lujanbio
Kamera, Schnitt: Eduardo Elosegi
Animation: Xara Agirre u.a.
Ton, Musik: Xabier Erkizia

Building on the celebration of St. Agatha’s Eve, a Basque tradition in which people walk from house to house, accompanied by improvised verse-makers (bertsolaris), bertsolari Maialen Lujanbio offers a stark denunciation of gender violence. In verse after verse, she condemns the different manifestations of sexist violence and our inability to combat it.

Tenant Protest

Deutschland 2016, Farbe,
HD, 03:52 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera,
Schnitt, Ton: Marion Pfaus
Rebecca Niazi-Shahabi, Marion Pfaus

Rigoletti wants to visit her friend Rivca but is denied entry. Rivca could come down and unlock the gate but she doesn’t. It’s a protest.