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Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 2, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn, Bus: Haltestelle Charlottenplatz

Quarry Doll and the Swarm I

UK 2017, Farbe, HD, 2:15 Min.
Regie: Phoenix-Blu Coyle
Camera, Editing: David PD Hyde
Actors: Gina Harrison
Godmothers Giovanna & Ivonne

We couldn’t resist the triple screen and fell in love with the hair styles. Great music for morning exercises. We’re happy to dive into this cloud.


Russia 2016, Colour, HD, 12:20 Min.
Regie: Fedor Selkin
Script: Julia Shunto
Camera: Alexander Mazur
Godparents Hannah & Max

One man, one dream: To lift 150 kilos in two months. But when Lyoha helps his grandfather realizing his perfect dream wedding, he neglects his training. Will he still make it to the competition? Don’t stop believing!

Les Dauphines

Belgium 2016, Colour, HD, 13:27 Min.
Regie, Script: Juliette Klinke
Camera: Jean Minetto
Editing: Lucas Fruitier
Sound: Lise Bouchez, David Gourmandie
Music: Julien Trousson
Actors: Evelyne Demaude, Elisa Echevarria, Elise Havelange
Patin/Godmother Sabine

A mother and her daughters on the way to a dancing contest – the mother’s will is strong – but at the end of the day the little princess knows what she wants.

Images, I see symptoms no reflexions*

Germany 2017, Colour, HD, 6:47 Min.
Regie: Sarah Lehnerer
Music: Felix Leon Westner, Juno Meinecke
Godmother Claudia

Residential buildings and high-rise slabs – but what are they like. Views put in question, how do I see things, what has become too familiar, now all new again and unfamiliar.

Dit Learn

UK 2017, Colour, HD, 15:21 Min.
Regie: Laure Prouvost
Godmother Katharina

What does this image mean?