Werkschau/Retrospective Maki Satake

Filmemacher im Portrait
Filmemacher im Portrait

My parents and grandfather left me a lot of video films and photographs. I began to make use of those records without memories. The main theme is the reconstruction of the records and my memory. I will continue my films with my family records, and making animation that uses the photographs.

Filmwinter-Palais – Saal Pipilotti


Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 2, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn, Bus: Haltestelle Charlottenplatz


Japan 2005, 11:00 Min.

The memories of my elementary school days came back to me with the warmth of my precious hometown. I tried to recall memories from my old school days.

Catoptric light

Japan 2007, 4:00 Min.

This was produced by using several photographs that my grandfather had taken and left us. He was surely there
at the opposite side of the mirror. I tried to find the site and recreate the memory.

Vestige of life

Japan 2009, 12:00 Min.

My grandparents left the house they had lived in for many years. It contains their memories as well as mine.


Japan 2010, 6:00 Min.

My grandfather was a photographer who died about ten years ago. He left many forgotten photographs of my childhood.


Japan 2012, 14:00 Min.

Toyokoro is my hometown. My parents moved away from Toyokoro. That is why I made this work to keep our memory.
I packed the time that I spent in Toyokoro, the memory of my family and my past works into it.


Japan 2015, 8:00 Min.

All starts here. I walked with new life.


Japan 2016, 2:00 Min.

tried to reproduce everyday scenes like an illusion. This is the experimental attempt.


Japan 2017, 14:00 Min.

This summer, my beloved grandmother passed away. While I looked back on the many records she left, I was trying to overcome my sadness.


Japan 2017, 6:00 Min.
Sound Effects: Atsuhiko Nakatsubo

he history of this city has been led by the development of factories. The chim- ney is the pivot around which the city revolves.