filmohnefilm / filmwithoutfilm


A presentation of the students at Academy of Media Arts Cologne for the 31st Stuttgarter Film winter

Opening and walk around the exhibition Fri 09.02.18, 19:00

Exhibition: 09.–11.02.18
Fri: 09.02.18, 19:00–21:00
Sat: 10.02.18, 15:00–19:00
Sun: 11.02.18, 15:00–18:00
Exhibition, guided tours and lecture – free admission

Guided tours Sat 10.02.18, Sun 11.02.18, 15:00 (Meeting Point: Infotheke Kunstbezirk)



Leonhardsplatz 28,70182 Stuttgart

U-Bahn, Bus: Haltestelle Rathaus

“filmwithoutfilm” – the exhibition’s title suggests a paradoxical negation because what is left of a film once you subtract the film? The seminar of the same name, held during the winter semester 2017/18 at Academy of Media Arts Cologne, was dedicated to this question. Initiated by Daniel Burkhardt, Christian Faubel and Luis Negrón (all academic staff at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne), the students were asked to reply to the abstract question with concrete artistic works. To do this, they were allowed to use the whole range of kinetic, hydraulic, thermodynamic, algorithmic or performative methods of image and sound creation. Only the recourse to common time-based recording and storage media was to be explicitly avoided or they were to be made audible and visible in an unusual fashion. The intention behind these block-outs was to stimulate a renewed reflection on the various kinds of “black boxes” such as cameras, projectors and computers which surround us in our media-oriented daily life as a given. It was important to become aware of the basic functional principles and to obtain divergent forms and new possibilities of understanding through playful approaches of imitation and misuse but also through breaking up and hacking. A second level of reflection referred to the basal functional modes and mechanisms of perception – the human “black box”. How is the impression (illusion) of movement created? How are objects pulled and linked together? How do we distinguish between foreground and background, essential and incidental? How are sense and meaning created? Since its founding in 1990, the Academy of Media Arts Cologne has maintained a continued line of tradition with respect to student projects examining the media tools in use in a critical and analytical way. These partly highly complex but sometimes also simple artistic works provide a continuous subtext and intellectual breeding ground for many other projects using the media tools for their realisations without explicitly calling them into question. The seminar “Film ohne Film” (“film without film”) focuses on these forms of self-reflective discourse. Since its beginnings, the Filmwinter Stuttgart itself has shown a lively interest for filmic forms that break free from their medial corsets expanding towards spatial installation, urban intervention or performative action. The exhibition “filmwithoutfilm” provides the basis for us to check on how a new generation of artists deals with the appliances of varied technical devices and their analogies and contradictions in relation to our perception and which new forms, models and thinking approaches can emerge from it.