It’s all about the cats!


Curated by Marija Milovanovic form the Cat Video Festival Vienna

Filmwinter-Palais – Saal Pipilotti


Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 2, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn, Bus: Haltestelle Charlottenplatz

A dreamy glance into the camera, a daring jump out of the window, a paw running smoothly over the whiskers: often little things are enough to make a Youtube hit out of a cat video. But how did “Surprised Kitty” or “Talking Cats” get up to 50 million clicks? With the programme “It’s all about the cats!”, we aim at getting to the bottom of today’s possibly biggest pop culture phenomenon. The programme spans from funny Youtube videos to ambitious short films and music videos with a focus on cats – it will be presented in categories such as comedy, drama, documentary or adventure/action. The screening will feature films such as “Henri 2 – Paw De Deux” by William Braden, “Manon” of Netherlands-based duo Lernet & Sanders or “Cole & Marmalade”. But of course we will not get ahead of ourselves with regards to announcing the highlights of the programme. The first Cat Video Festival was hosted in 2012 by the Walker Art Center Minneapolis and attracted more than 10,000 visitors who enjoyed the cat video entertainment but also awarded prizes. What the Oscars are for actors and actresses is the “Golden Kitty Award” for cats – the highest accolade for filmic, feline works. On the occasion of the festival’s 5th anniversary in 2017, the Cat Video Festival Vienna had invited Will Braden, first winner of the Golden Kitty Award, to curate a programme together. Will is the director of the CatVideoFest (USA) and director of the “Henri, le Chat Noir” series. The Cat Video Festival is a cooperation of Vienna Shorts Agentur and CatVideoFest.