Ernte 2018/Harvest 2018

Kinder- und Jugendprogramm
Kinder- und Jugendprogramm

Carnival surprise!
Short films – freshly plucked, hand-picked and nicely served! Would you like to watch an odd programme with us? This year, we received more tips where the best short films are growing and we plucked them for you. Everything is organic – guaranteed! By the way, everyone in costume is welcome here. After a short break you will also get a chance to join the guided tour through the Expanded Media exhibition.

Filmwinter-Palais – Saal Pipilotti


Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 2, 70173 Stuttgart

U-Bahn, Bus: Haltestelle Charlottenplatz

Bango Vasill

Bulgary 2016, 8:00 Min.
Regie: Milen Vitanov, Vera Trajanova

The story of an unexpected New Year’s celebration, the journey of two children on the shoulders of a giant and the beginning of a splendid friendship.

Buteo Buteo – Flight Study
Buteo Buteo – Flugstudie

Germany 2018, 1:18 Min.
Regie: Matthias Fritsch

Study of a flying buzzard from Brandenburg.

Vill Mark Intruders

Norway 2016, 5:24 Min.
Regie: Thea Hvistendahl

Two sisters play by the river in their new neighbourhood. Suddenly their private little moment is interrupted by two other girls, who show up and demand to know who they are and what they’re doing on their territory.

Time Laps

Spain 2016, 1:22 Min.,
Regie: Christian Avilés

Be careful what you wish for.

Obsessions (OK Go)

USA 2017, HD, 3:43 Min.
Regie: Damian Kulash Jr., Yusuke Tanaka

In this video, OK Go demonstrate how to make 567 printers dance.

La Linea 1

Italy 1974, 2:50 Min.
Regie: Osvaldo Cavandoli

Probably the most famous line in animated film engages in a continual battle with its animator.

Zu zahm!

Germany 2017, 6:41 Min.
Regie: Rebecca Blöcher

Seven protagonists put into drawers are bound to their clichés and everyday routines. Their individuality just seems like one because in fact they are happy to let others take over their autonomy – even if their lives are at stake. But the show must go on and money is coming in. Applause!

Elastic Recurrence

Netherlands 2017, 2:00 Min.
Regie: Johan Rijpma

From all directions gravity pulls on the shards of a breaking dinner plate. While the pieces of the plate expand into space, elastic strings try to draw them back together. A self-replicating cycle of falling and retracting follows from the dead center position of each piece.

Schon Gehört?

Germany 2016, 4:10 Min.
Regie: Sören Wendt

The flamingo is actually not a flamingo but a monster. But that is just another rumour, but maybe also a lie...

Elektrisches Hotel
Electric Hotel

France 1908, 6:52 Min.
Regie: Segundo de Chomón

A man and a woman check in at a hotel and strange things happen to the luggage, the furniture and the couple.