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19. Januar 2017
17:30 Uhr
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Kaltes Tal
Cold Valley

Deutschland 2016, Farbe, HD, 11:56 Min.
Regie: Johannes Krell
Drehbuch, Kamera,
Schnitt: Johannes Krell, Florian Fischer

The film Cold Valley describes the work cycles in an open-pit mine where limestone is mined, which is returned to nature in the form of liming forests. The plot constructs an absurd but authentic cycle in order to counteract the irreversible consequences that occur when natural resources are depleted.


Japan 2015, Farbe, HD, 02:00 Min.
Regie: TOCHKA (Kazue Monno,
Takeshi Nagata)
Drehbuch: Takeshi Nagata
Kamera: Takumi Uemura
Ton: Koji Morita
Musik: Shintaro Okada
DarstellerInnen: Homare Terada,
Ryuuhei Uemura, Ryou Kisita u.a.

Takamori Saigo has been dubbed the last true Samurai, he committed harakiri in the Battle of Shiroyama in 1877. Nobody knows what he looked like since he only appears in etchings and drawings. The directors visited Saigo’s descendants to ask for his facial features and characteristics for this film. Now Saigo has come back to life in animation.


Belgien 2015, Farbe, HD, 12:00 Min.
Regie: An van Dienderen
DarstellerInnen: Maaike Neuville

China Girls are women with Caucasian skin who are filmed alongside a colour-chart in order to adjust the colours of the film.
Lili tells the story of one of these China Girls through archival material and found footage, and questions this tradition contextualized in a society, which exemplifies chromophobic uneasiness with color.

Mr Sand

Dänemark 2016, Farbe HD, 08:15 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch,
Animation: Soetkin Verstegen
Ton: Andrea Martignoni
DarstellerInnen: Richard Raskin,
Thomas Bellinck, Jeroen Van der Ven, Carly Wijs, Willy Thomas,
Robert Bennett, Emil Kranot

A dreamy animated documentary about the dangers of early cinema. The atmosphere of old film theatres is recalled through a mixture of handmade techniques. In the back of the story moves Mr Sand, a mysterious character. Real or imagined.


Ukraine 2016, Farbe, HD, 27:39 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera: Yuriy Shylov
Ton: Inna Vieru

Valentyn is a projectionist. He has worked at one of the oldest cinemas in the center of Kyiv for 44 years. This is his last year before retirement. The movie was filmed in the projection room from the early fall of 2013 until a year after the Maidan.


China 2015, Farbe, HD, 12:44 Min.
Regie, Schnitt: Di Hu

The film is an analytical montage of shots extracted from more than 60 films from the Chinese Cultural Revolution period. This film exclusively studies the moments of the interpellation of the Ideology (Louis Althusser) which are represented physically by music, words, gazes, gestures and situations found in these films.

Spot (an Attwenger Trilogy)

Österreich 2015, Farbe, HD, 03:00 Min.
Regie, Drehbuch, Kamera, Schnitt,
Ton: Siegfried A. Fruhauf
Musik: Attwenger

How simple is it to make what is happening look suspicious, when harmless shapes are transformed in the bustle of image compression artefacts into dark shadows and a disco light palm becomes an association with explosions? It starts with red, signaling a reason for caution, and it ends in only three minutes as film noir.