Kurzfilme 3

Short Films International Competition
Short Films International Competition
Filmwinter-Palais – Saal Valie


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Austria 2016, Colour, 35 mm, 4:00 Min.
Regie, Script: Björn Kämmerer
Camera: Robert Oberrainer

Björn Kämmerer abstracts objects through quick and sudden motions and other forms of optical and phenomenological confusions. In this way, the film creates an irritation of the view: cutting horizon- tally spreading colours are silently splitting the screen. They tilt, disappear and reappear – in new tones.

Something is burning
Quelque chose brûle

France 2017, Colours, HD, 23:33 Min.
Regie, Script: Mathilde Chavanne
Camera: Victor Zébo
Editing: Suzana Pedro
Sound: Valentine Gelin
Music: Jérôme Petit
Actors: Victoire Du Bois, Jérémie Laheurte

Margot is haunted by memories and dark thoughts. She decides to go back into the mountains where she grew up. In the cold of winter, the shadow of a disap- peared brother resurfaces.

Batrachian’s Ballad
Balada de um Batráquio

Portugal 2016, Colours, HD, 11:00 Min.
Regie, Script, Camera, Editing: Leonor Teles
Sound: Bernardo Theriaga

Like the gypsies, the frogs, made of china, don’t go unnoticed to a careful observer. “Batrachian’s Ballad” comes about in a context of ambiguity. A film that immerses itself in the reality of Portuguese everyday life, as a kind of fable about a xenophobic behaviour.

The Deep West

USA, UK 2016, Colours & B/W, Video, 6:12 Min.
Regie: Chris Saunders

Santa Monica, California: a Beach Boy/Man dances to his headphone music in public. Against this familiar scene of west coast “cool” narcissism Monica’s every “Other” day story of brutal racist aggression is retold and discussed by a white couple as they stroll on the beach.

Drop Out Bodies

France 2017, Colours, HD, 17:13 Min.
Regie, Script: Ludivine Large-Bessette
Camera: Simon Roche
Sound: Arthaud Versaveaud
Music: Mathieu Calmelet
Actors: Aimée Lagrange, Yoann Hourcade, Sandra Savin, Uma Cafenne, Anne Quaderi, Ann Papoulis Adamovic, Simon Frenay, Sébastien Perrault

A group of men and women are each standing still in front of their houses in a residential area. As the camera moves among them, they fall, one by one, in a random pattern. Their collapses are clearly irrevocable. The film questions the fatality of the human body andour individual and collective responsibilities in our complex time.

The Inland Sea

Finnland 2017, Colour, HD, 14:49 Min.
Regie, Script: Marja Viitahuhta
Camera: Sini Liimatainen, Marja Viitahuhta
Editing: Ville Vainio
Sound: Tuukka Haapakorpi
Actors: Noora Dadu, Zrian Hussein (Voice-over)

Two stories related to parenthood and fear of loss of ones child at the sea, based on real events. The first one describes an incident where the daughter of a Finnish woman nearly drowned on a holiday trip, the latter is based on the memories of a Kurdish refugee who escaped Iraq and ended up in a smuggler boat with her husband and young child.


Germany 2017, B/W, 16 mm, 12:00 Min.
Regie, Script, Camera: Telemach Wiesinger
Music: Alexander Grebtschenko

Clouds are fascinating. In an ever-changing way, they keep finding new, ephemeral forms. Moments and events that are unique. The filmic poem “Transformation” deals with 100% possibility of rain, shows in the sky and their reflections in the water plus transformation and imagination.